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Relative Illusion - Part Eighteen
Lee shook his head in amusement as he read one of the tabloid headlines on his computer, Newly Discovered Bruce Heir: Working for a Living, “I never would have predicted this. I’ve effectively stolen my own spotlight.”
“It was only a matter of time.” Michael sighed as he looked at another headline, Michael Bruce: Neglectful Father or Teaching His Son the Value of Money?, “We’re working on an official press release. No point in letting the rumors fly any longer than necessary.”
“Oh, I don’t know about that. It’s rather amusing seeing all the theories.” Lee settled comfortably into the overstuffed chair in the front room, “What are you going to say about Mother?”
“Good question.” Michael looked curiously at his son, “What do you tell people about her and yourself? I need to keep the story consistent.”
Lee immediately answered, like it was something he’d rehearsed for a long t
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 5 10
#92 All That I Have by dragondoodle #92 All That I Have :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 8 5 NaNoWriMo 2017: Cover by dragondoodle NaNoWriMo 2017: Cover :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 9 12
NaNoWriMo 2017: Agent Dell Goes West - Teaser
Yokov stood in front of the dilapidated, ivy covered shed in silence. He was so still that Rori started to get concerned. She came up behind him and touched his arm, “Yokov? What is it?”
“I have . . . come home.” Was all that came out of her husband as he stood so still she couldn’t even see him breathe.
“We’re not in the Western lands yet, you said so yourself.”
Yokov finally moved to shake his head in a combination of disbelief and sadness. “Remember what I told you? I was not born in the Western lands.” His voice dropped to a near whisper. “I was born here.”
Rori turned to look at the decaying wooden structure. It was leaning to one side and looked to only be standing due to the tree next to it holding it up. It was small, barely enough room for one person comfortably from what she could determine. Not much bigger than her cell when she lived in Lord Jeesel’s house. This was where Yokov grew up and lived w
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 4 8
#91 Drowning by dragondoodle
Mature content
#91 Drowning :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 8 5
#90 Triangle by dragondoodle #90 Triangle :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 14 7 LoTR Frodo Animated (1978) by dragondoodle LoTR Frodo Animated (1978) :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 13 18
Relative Illusion - Part Seventeen
“You didn’t defeat all of Team Torrent.”
The Illusionist looked over at Black Torrent at this statement. They had stopped for a breather after meeting up again, mostly because Lee had lost his balance and nearly fallen off the edge of one of the buildings, forcing Michael to pull him to safety by grabbing his cummerbund. Michael realized his son was dizzy from all the spell casting and made him sit down to rest. The boy sighed, “True, but I certainly wasn’t going to tell Carnie Kid that I had my ass handed to me while I was filching your amulets. Or that, for the most part, I simply ran off when I got what I wanted.” Lee snorted in amusement then looked out over the city. “Hardly impressive.”
“Glad to hear you have a realistic memory of what happened.” The corner of Torrent’s mouth twitched upward.
Lee looked at his father in confusion and then started laughing heartily. “Did mother give you the ‘don’t
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 5 2
#89 Through The Fire by dragondoodle #89 Through The Fire :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 15 11 #88 Pain by dragondoodle
Mature content
#88 Pain :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 14 11
#87 Food by dragondoodle #87 Food :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 13 10 #86 Seeing Red by dragondoodle #86 Seeing Red :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 12 12 #85 Spiral by dragondoodle #85 Spiral :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 18 7 Nearly all Pink by dragondoodle Nearly all Pink :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 11 2 Pink and Yellow Bud 2 by dragondoodle Pink and Yellow Bud 2 :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 13 0 Pink and Yellow Bud by dragondoodle Pink and Yellow Bud :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 9 0

Random from My OC's

Art of my characters by others or by me from my other account (including my comic) :giggle:


Random Comic by MrDataTheAwesome Random Comic :iconmrdatatheawesome:MrDataTheAwesome 11 8 Geranium Owl by Redilion Geranium Owl :iconredilion:Redilion 4 2 Inktober 23 - The Space Police - 2017 by Hedrick-CS Inktober 23 - The Space Police - 2017 :iconhedrick-cs:Hedrick-CS 11 3 Inktober 22 - The Intergalactic Family - 2017 by Hedrick-CS Inktober 22 - The Intergalactic Family - 2017 :iconhedrick-cs:Hedrick-CS 9 1 Here be woe and despair... by thewolfcreek Here be woe and despair... :iconthewolfcreek:thewolfcreek 37 4 Instaart - Dragon Symmetra by Candra Instaart - Dragon Symmetra :iconcandra:Candra 103 2 Will You Marry Me? by silvestris Will You Marry Me? :iconsilvestris:silvestris 49 16 Kassandera and her orc 102317 by saintfighteraqua Kassandera and her orc 102317 :iconsaintfighteraqua:saintfighteraqua 3 3 inktober 8-9-10 by sigeel inktober 8-9-10 :iconsigeel:sigeel 128 12 Chibi set Galaxy1 by MoonchildinTheSky Chibi set Galaxy1 :iconmoonchildinthesky:MoonchildinTheSky 34 4 Inktober 22 ~ Clematis by nadia-araya Inktober 22 ~ Clematis :iconnadia-araya:nadia-araya 6 3 Myrddraal and Trollocs by Manweri Myrddraal and Trollocs :iconmanweri:Manweri 95 2 The Mark of Cain - Chapter 7 - Page 5 by Dedasaur The Mark of Cain - Chapter 7 - Page 5 :icondedasaur:Dedasaur 27 0 :::Purple Shadows by Ludifico :::Purple Shadows :iconludifico:Ludifico 10 3 Redemption II by TOYDREAMER Redemption II :icontoydreamer:TOYDREAMER 144 6

Random from Mael-Cossette

Ancelin's Wedding Gown by RivisIndigoEmporium Ancelin's Wedding Gown :iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 58 35 Vampire King Mael by Mandaart73 Vampire King Mael :iconmandaart73:Mandaart73 6 8 Don't look by Destinyfall Don't look :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 91 40
MaelxCossette Chapter fourteen
Chapter fourteen (Cossette)
Eighteen Years Ago…
    Amethyst eyes looked up, the little mouth below them pouting sternly as a head of dark wavy hair was laid against a snowy white pillow.  Hands left rough and callused by the long, hard trek of years pulled the coverlets up to a soft, delicate chin, tucking the tiny body in against the nighttime cold.
    “There we are, my girl…” murmured a deep, warm voice.  “Lillith will be up in a short while once she’s fed and completed her chores.  Sleep, now…”
    “But Papa, why can’t I help you?” the little one asked with a frown, sitting up.  “I can ride…”
    “I would love for nothing else, my darling tomboy,” her father assured her with a smile.  “But luring volven is dangerous work for a girl your si
:iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 3 41
Mael+Cossette chapter 13
Chapter 13 ( Mael )
“Damn it!” I growled upon entering my room. Ailo looked up at me with wide eyes, likely assuming I was talking to him. “Master?” I waved him off and paced. I was utterly agitated and it had nothing to do with the pile of waste that threatened to spill unnecessary information to the Duchess, no, it was the Duchess herself! “Master if…?” “Ailo, leave, please, leave me and go to rest…” I asked before he could finish. He nodded understandingly and left for his room. I was full, I felt wonderful but I was sick in the pit of my soul. How long could I last like this now? How long could keep away from her, ignoring the need to taste just a bit more of her sweet nectar? When I smelled her wound I thought I would go mad right then and clamp my lips to her thigh. I shook my head, trying desperately to rid myself of the mental imagine. I tried without success to cover the wound for her… God why did she have to be so damned
:icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 7 25
Mature content
MaelxCossette Chapter twelve :iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 2 20
Mael+Cossette chapter 11
Chapter 11 (Mael)
Paris had been… Paris. Just as noisy and crowed as Versailles in my opinion. I found nothing particularly lovely about the city nor did I find her people any better. Oh they made accommodations for me and my wealth to be sure. They even lent me a smile now-and-again, but it was as hollow as my heart. It wasn’t hard finding a store that sold the kind of silk I wanted, in fact, had I asked they would have paraded it around for me. We must have gone through thirty bolts of green fabric before I saw it. It was the color of spring, of nature’s warmth, of the light that shown through the trees at sunrise. I didn’t barter or bicker about the price. It was outrageous. Had it been something for myself I would have called the man a cheat. But it was so perfect a color and feel and so fine a fabric, I simply paid and went on my way. It had taken so long to choose just the right color that it was getting close to dawn. I supposed it was rather nice of the shop
:icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 9 13
MaelxCossette Chapter ten
Chapter ten (Cossette)
    My eyes opened, blinking as my body took in a fresh breath of air.
    It was late afternoon…the day after the full moon.  Slowly I stretched out in the shade of the tall oak that sheltered Etain and I as we lay together upon the ground, a cool breeze waking my senses to all that was around me: the song of birds in the treetops, the scent of fresh spring grass, the warmth of the sunlight from above.  It was such a perfect hour of the day – how hard it was to imagine, then, that just the night before volven raced wildly along this very path, turning up dust and chaos in their wake.
    Last night was all but a blur to me once I had returned home.  My debacle with Lord Seraph aside, I bathed and slipped off to bed shortly thereafter.  I didn’t stay in my room for very long, however.  As she is wont to do, Lillith was entertaining her love
:iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 2 63
Mael+Cossette Chapter nine
Chapter nine
I stormed into my bedchamber where I found a bath awaiting me and Ailo sitting in a chair near the crackling fire. “My Lord, I have readied a bath for… oh my, your nose!” He gasped and sprung from the chair to tend to me. Idiot. “Leave me be… did you retrieve the horses from the carriage yet?” I asked and rifled through my nightstand drawer for a handkerchief to apply to my broken nose. Impossible woman! She no doubt reopened the wound to her side when she fought me… I realized then I was angry at myself for how I had come upon her. Forcing myself on her like a street lecher. I was so angry I wanted to destroy something. “I went to retrieve the horses, my Lord, but they were gone. Someone must have taken them.” Ailo said, taking a step back after reading the fury in my eyes. “Stole them you mean! They were specially bred!” I snapped.  Ailo swallowed hard. “Uh…The sun is rising… I will ta
:icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 7 8
MaelxCossette Chapter eight
Chapter eight (Cossette)
    Garconer stared at me, his face conveying his surprise as well as his worry.
    “…I’m going to kill him…!” I seethed, my eyes wide enough to show their fire.  “I am going to kill him!  I don’t care if I have to sell my soul to the Devil himself, I’m going to KILL him…!
    “Who?” Garconer puzzled.  “Your suitor?”  My fists tightened.
    “HE’S NOT MY SUITOR…!!” I bellowed.  Garconer cringed at the pitch in my voice.  I, however, was burying my face in my hands, slouching in my despair to such a point that I might have been in danger of falling from the limb.  I was whimpering, doing all I could to keep from kicking my feet like a child. 
:iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 4 18
Out of the Closet by dragondoodle Out of the Closet :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 8 20
Mael+Cossette Chapter Seven
Chapter seven (Mael)
So it would seem that I won round one, though I was met with a challenge every step of the way since I started this journey, at least now something had been achieved. The Duchess was an utter delight to spar with but I wouldn’t lose. No, she wasn’t at all aware of how stubborn I could be.
Ailo had reminded me several times on the tour of the castle, thanks to the little golden darling, Lillith, what the real reason I was here for was. I hadn’t forgotten, shame on him to think so but I was, honestly, more interested in the Duchess than the task at hand. Who wouldn’t be?  Ailo for one, I supposed… he never did fancy women much…
At any rate, all would get accomplished in due time. I would find the Rogue and snuff his life out like a flickering candle and then proceed to light the Duchess up. Oh how her cheeks burned when she was angry, I couldn’t imagine what she might be like if she actually fancied a person…
:icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 11 13
Irresistable - Colored by dragondoodle Irresistable - Colored :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 11 10 Mael by the Ear by dragondoodle Mael by the Ear :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 6 24 'Mature Wood' Colored by dragondoodle 'Mature Wood' Colored :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 20 36 Mael x Cossette Stamp by dragondoodle Mael x Cossette Stamp :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 4 29
By the insanely talented team of :icondestinyfall: and :iconrivisindigoemporium: Click on "browse" . . . all of the chapters are HERE! ^_^


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October is here.

Wed Oct 4, 2017, 9:56 PM
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Which means NaNoWriMo is right around the corner! :faint: I already know what the title of it will be - Agent Dell Goes West :giggle: I think this is going to be the Yokov Trilogy eventually :XD:

I'm going to try and get some art posted here this month . . . maybe a few things for :icon100themeschallenge: and hoping to at least have one Fan Art Friday piece done (have it sketched, just have to work on it ^^;)

Also have a plan for a Halloween picture, but it's going to be a surprise :plotting: (except to one person, you know who you are)

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What Is Your Bending-Element?
What Is Your Bending-Element?
Hosted By Anime

I'm sort of stuck as to where to go on Relative Illusion. Do any of these plot lines interest you? 

4 deviants said The Big Illusion (jumping off Bling Tower); set up, execution, aftermath
4 deviants said Lee gets a love interest
2 deviants said Ari starts trying to find a boyfriend for Sara
1 deviant said Lee somehow gets in trouble/captured and has to be rescued
1 deviant said Ari gets caught in some sort of crossfire and has to heal herself
No deviants said I'm interested in more than one! (list in the comments)
No deviants said I have another idea for you! (mention in comments)



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