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August 14, 2012
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The Scarlett Illusion has Sarah by dragondoodle The Scarlett Illusion has Sarah by dragondoodle

This is my entry into the :iconrelativitycomic: contest put on by :iconmirz-alt:
Relativity Contest! + Cheatsheet:iconnewsign1plz: In an effort to help those not familiar with Relativity, here is a cheatsheet with information on the series and main characters --->
:happybounce: *Ravenswd and I are proud to announce our 2nd annual Relativity contest!   The theme this year (overwhelmingly selected by our Watchers) is: Your Original Character (OC) as a Hero or Villain in the Relativity Universe Since this is a Relativity contest, simply drawing a picture of your OC as a superhero will not count.  You must incorporate something from Relativity into the piece.  Either another character from the universe or something that is a direct and obvious reference to the world. ANY of the Relativity characters can be used.  That includes the characters in or out of costume.  Supporting characters or villains may also be
Join! It's fun :giggle:

This is my character Iolanthe, or in this case, Ms. Iolanthe Teriea aka. The Scarlett Illusion. She insisted on being a villian :roll:
Ms. Teriea has an obsession with rich and powerful men . . . she wants them and uses her powers and technology to snag and control them until she gets everything she wants or gets bored with them. But there's two men in Gale she hasn't managed to get . . . Michael Bruce and Martin Bling. After quite a bit of research and snooping she's determined that the young woman by the name of Sarah Wolff is going to be her in to both of them, she's related to one and is the former lover of another. How perfect is this? All she needs to do is take the original, then use her powers of illusion and mind control to take the young woman's place. Simple, elegant, and she's already a red head.

Unfortunately for the Scarlett Illusion, she may have bitten off more than she could handle, for Sarah isn't the simple orphan home administrator that she thought. :giggle:

Iolanthe: Just settle down and relax, my dear. If you behave I won't even have to kill you. I really don't like killing, it's far too messy. Just sit tight and I'll make sure you're well taken care of until I'm finished with what I need to do.

Sarah: You'll never get away with this! They'll see right through your disguise!

Iolanthe: *merry chuckle* Oh . . . I doubt it. No one has so far! *pushes a button on her collar and a cloud of colored mist comes out*

Sarah: *chokes and sputters at the smell, her eyes watering, when her eyes reopen she finds herself staring at a perfect duplicate of . . . herself* O.o . . . impossible.

Iolanthe: *pats her cheek* I'll make sure my servants take good care of you. Just behave and you'll get your life back. It may be a little different from the one you're leaving, but at least you'll still be alive. *smiles with Sarah's face and walks out*

Sarah:*thinking* You may have Sarah down, but I'd like to see you be Dark Flame.*waits for the servants to take her to a room and then starts working on her bindings*
Sarah Wolff and Relativity belong to :iconmirz-alt:

Ms. Iolanthe Teriea, The Scarlett Illlusion belongs to me :paranoid:
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TeaPhotography Apr 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
The facial expressions here are amazing! :w00t:
Thank you so much! :aww:
Congrats on winning!
Thank you so much! :aww:
You're very welcome!
very insteresting story:)
Thank you! :iconmirz-alt: has a very interesting world :nod: It's fun to read superhero stories that are with all original characters :giggle: She's a fantastic writer as well :nod:
Zakuro-Kona Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is great! :XD:
Excellent job. Love how Iolanthe came out and Sarah just looks perfect. Use the super glare! :3
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