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#68 Hero by dragondoodle #68 Hero :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 6 7 #67 Play the Melody by dragondoodle #67 Play the Melody :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 11 4 Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter by dragondoodle Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 11 6 Draw This Again Autumn Magic by dragondoodle Draw This Again Autumn Magic :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 8 13 Autumn Magic Revisited by dragondoodle Autumn Magic Revisited :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 18 24
The Lady - Part Six
Ioana read the contract twice before she felt like she knew all the ins and outs of it. If she signed up with Mr. de Rugehala, her contract with Auberon would be null and void, if the company still existed. It was a huge step. Although the salary was nearly twenty times what she was making before, more if she included the fact that the contract had no stipulations regarding taking out the cost of food and lodging from that pay.
She paced in her room for a long time trying to figure out what to do. She decided to let the whole contract thing sit and stew for a while. She needed a distraction. Swimming sounded wonderful but she didn’t have anything to swim in. Ioana liked swimming in the nude, but she didn’t want to give her potential new boss the wrong idea. After going through her admittedly small collection of clothing, she finally found shorts and a tank top that were simple and tight enough not to fall off if they got wet. As she dressed she did more research on Jovian f
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 7 4
Relative Illusion - Part Thirteen
Michael looked over at his son as he walked down the sidewalk next to Lee toward the Galeforce Theatre. It had been a week since they’d taken custody of the young man and it was the first instance of Lee leaving the penthouse in all that time. Yule had made the boy promise to behave and return, but there was no mention of restrictions on him doing any magic. In fact, Yule had suggested that Lee take his wand with him, just in case. The wand in question was red, black, and silver with a huge ruby on the handguard. Yule had joked, when he first saw it, that it looked like a fancy sports car version of a wand compared to Rysta’s and Tiernan’s. Lee had just looked at Yule in confusion while Michael chuckled.
The second they had left Crystal Towers, Lee had changed so that he looked like Kaneís again, making his wand invisible as well. It made Michael a bit uncomfortable, the whole disguise; but the reason they were leaving the penthouse in the first place was that Le
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 6 17
Relative Illusion - Part Twelve
Ari grinned. “There! The bleeding is stopped and everything is back to normal.”
“As normal as my head can be, anyway.” Lee chuckled as he gave her a polite nod of his head, “Thank you, it’s nice not to have that dull headache all the time. Maybe I’ll sleep better tonight.”
Ari hugged him then slid off the bed. “Wow. I feel more tired than I did yesterday.”
“It’s the fact that the blood vessels you were working on were much smaller, and you had to focus to make sure you didn’t change anything else.” Yule picked her up. “I’ve got quite a few snacks waiting for you in your old room, all you’ll have to do is eat and then take a nap before your mother gets here.”
Ari nodded sleepily, “I’m glad Lee is here, I’m learning so MUCH!” She grinned down at her cousin from her grandfather’s arms.
“Glad I can be of some use.” Lee smiled amiably back up
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 6 9
Comm - Aerlona running by dragondoodle Comm - Aerlona running :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 28 20 The Rescuers (1977) by dragondoodle The Rescuers (1977) :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 17 30 #66 Traps by dragondoodle #66 Traps :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 13 8 Comm - Roxy and Masami by dragondoodle Comm - Roxy and Masami :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 15 7
Relative Illusion - Part Eleven
“Why ‘Lee’?”
“Mphg?” The young man looked up at Yule in confusion, his mouth full. Despite Lee’s protests about being able to live on protein/muscle powder shakes, he was putting a huge dent in the food they had in the penthouse with just one meal. Keeping up with the appetite of a teenage boy recovering from injury who was also a wizard was going to be challenging.
Yule sat down and stared at his grandson. “Why does your mother call you Lee and not Yule if your full name is Ulysses?”
Lee swallowed his mouthful and looked like he was trying to decide whether or not to give out that information. He finally sighed with resignation, “At some point, when I was a baby, I got called ‘Yulie’ by Aardrin. Mother shortened it to ‘Lee’ and it stuck.”
“Yulie? That’s horrible.” Yule shook his head. “And I thought Ari’s full name was unfair to a child.”
“What is her ful
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 6 4
Relative Illusion - Ulysses (Lee) Michelson by dragondoodle Relative Illusion - Ulysses (Lee) Michelson :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 10 8 Relative Illusion - Zephyra and the Illusionist by dragondoodle Relative Illusion - Zephyra and the Illusionist :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 14 6 The Biting Pear Joins the Fun by dragondoodle The Biting Pear Joins the Fun :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 27 24

Random from My OC's

Oriane and Aardrin - Sketch by girl-n-herhorse Oriane and Aardrin - Sketch :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 2 0 Aardin in Formal Attire by girl-n-herhorse Aardin in Formal Attire :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 2 0 Rysta face studies at 8 yrs by girl-n-herhorse Rysta face studies at 8 yrs :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 1 0 Dragondoodle's Name by jijikit Dragondoodle's Name :iconjijikit:jijikit 3 2 The King and Queen by girl-n-herhorse The King and Queen :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 5 3 Aardrin first sketch by girl-n-herhorse Aardrin first sketch :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 2 3 Bad Grammar Suggestion by girl-n-herhorse Bad Grammar Suggestion :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 2 9 Sketch - What do you say? by girl-n-herhorse Sketch - What do you say? :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 1 0 WIP - What do you say . . . by girl-n-herhorse WIP - What do you say . . . :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 1 0 What Do You Say . . . by girl-n-herhorse What Do You Say . . . :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 3 0 The Faces of Aardrin by girl-n-herhorse The Faces of Aardrin :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 5 10
A wild adventure! sec 3: The highs and lows.
She gave an uneasy smile and cupped her hands together. A toss of her hair across her shoulder, and another nervous laugh. Shoulders started to slump as they made eye contact, she looked entirely dejected.
“First off!” He started, a bit peeved. She flinched, the words seemed to assault her. “Why is everyone around here so friendly? From what I’ve heard from you and the prophet, humans are not exactly good omens.”
She spread her hands and looked away, her face smoldering with a new color. “Well, it’s as I said not many of us have any sort of killer instinct. In fact very few of us can even bring ourselves to hunt prey. Our soldiers are armed with mostly Non-lethal weapons, bolas, staffs and such. Even our prophets have a hard time bringing their magic to bear for ill will. Sorth is the only one that can stomach it, and for that he is considered an extremist.”
“You can though, you could have killed me if you had wanted to! So just bec
:iconalukire:alukire 2 1
ZK Tarot - Queen of Wands by Zakuro-Kona ZK Tarot - Queen of Wands :iconzakuro-kona:Zakuro-Kona 6 7 Almost Kissing Meme - Rysta and Calaen by girl-n-herhorse Almost Kissing Meme - Rysta and Calaen :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 8 14
A wild adventure! sec 2: Quality time!
The response was a giggle from the spider-woman, her legs clicking as she gently spun. Revealing her carapace cover was truly all encompassing. It started in small black lines from her back and wove around to cover her front, and up the rear of her arms to solidify at her forearm. Her thorax twitched as her upper body heaved with laughter.
Wary, he took a step back from them, and was about to place a hand on his sword, when she finally blurted out between fits. “T-the village?! Human, we have tribes, we don’t live in villages, that is a purely human term. We live in grand complexes, after all this is seil!” She jeered and then took a bite of her fruit.
“The Yokov is new to us huntress, I wouldn’t tease him lest you upset your tapestry!” The prophet issued the ominous warning. “I cannot see this one’s goal, therefore they are unknown… the last unknown led us to be confined in these lands… do you want to risk the destruction of
:iconalukire:alukire 2 3
You can teach an old dog new tricks . . . by girl-n-herhorse You can teach an old dog new tricks . . . :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 10 10
Art of my characters by others or by me from my other account (including my comic) :giggle:


Everyone knows Diedrik was an ugly baby by Sour-Purple Everyone knows Diedrik was an ugly baby :iconsour-purple:Sour-Purple 13 1 Kiki delivering service by audreymolinatti Kiki delivering service :iconaudreymolinatti:audreymolinatti 125 10 STARS:white dwarf by breath-art STARS:white dwarf :iconbreath-art:breath-art 144 4 Falcon Kick! by Destinyfall (Abused) by DLMayo Falcon Kick! by Destinyfall (Abused) :icondlmayo:DLMayo 3 9 Venetian mask by slightlymadart Venetian mask :iconslightlymadart:slightlymadart 31 3 Quiet as a...? by rockgem Quiet as a...? :iconrockgem:rockgem 2 0 Bunny Babe by rockgem Bunny Babe :iconrockgem:rockgem 3 0 Missy Stripes by rockgem Missy Stripes :iconrockgem:rockgem 2 0 Bubbles by rockgem Bubbles :iconrockgem:rockgem 9 4 Breakfast at...? by rockgem Breakfast at...? :iconrockgem:rockgem 2 0 Miss Mischief by rockgem Miss Mischief :iconrockgem:rockgem 2 0 Miss Angelic by rockgem Miss Angelic :iconrockgem:rockgem 3 0 Kitty Cutie by rockgem Kitty Cutie :iconrockgem:rockgem 5 2 Foxy Lady by rockgem Foxy Lady :iconrockgem:rockgem 6 1 Doctor Piper by nightwing1975 Doctor Piper :iconnightwing1975:nightwing1975 27 10 Page 9 by AlienShores Page 9 :iconalienshores:AlienShores 1 0

Random from Mael-Cossette

Mael request for Rivi by Destinyfall Mael request for Rivi :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 43 21
MxC Chap. thirty
Chapter thirty (Cossette)
    It went about as well as I expected it would.
   Garconer rolling on the floor in hysterics, Lillith pinching at her sinuses in exasperation, I watched – wide-eyed and open-mouthed – as Jacobi and Corbeau each took their turns savagely punching Mael in the face.
    …All things considered, it was perhaps as civil a scenario as could be possible.
    After Mael and I had parted for a time and sorted ourselves for the day, I summoned Jacobi and Corbeau to my family's home a little later that morning.  Assembling ourselves in one of the parlors to receive them, Mael, Lillith, Garconer, and myself all took some pains to prepare them for the news we knew we had to share.  It would not be the easiest of things to break gently, but it was surely better to be up front with them – lest they learn of what had transpired through less honorable avenues.
:iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 7 21
Mael+Cossi chapter 29
Chapter 29
I had the most wonderful dream, I dreamed I was in Heaven, surrounded by friends and family and at my side was my wife and child. They had no faces but I did not need to see them, I knew who they were. My father and mother stood before me and to my right stood my brother. To the left stood my fallen comrades, who served under me during the dark times. We embraced and all was well.
Waking from this dream was painful but when I felt the gentle rustling of a tiny body against me, I smiled before opening my eyes. Marie was silently watching me. Cossette and I must have fallen asleep with Marie between us last night. "How did you manage to get me all to yourself, Madam?" I asked and she afforded me a wide, toothless, grin.
I shifted and lifted Marie onto my chest and let her hold my thumbs while she wobbled and tried to keep balance.
She cooed and giggled as best as she could when I tickled her sides with my fingers. "Cossette does not want me to be overbearing with you, I
:icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 4 14
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rivi2 by Destinyfall
Mature content
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rivi2 :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 94 31
Happy Birthday Rivi 2011 by dragondoodle Happy Birthday Rivi 2011 :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 7 24 Request 5 Tale-spinner-gypsy by dragondoodle Request 5 Tale-spinner-gypsy :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 18 23 Cossette: First Date by RivisIndigoEmporium Cossette: First Date :iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 10 21 Hush by RivisIndigoEmporium
Mature content
Hush :iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 24 37
Mael my Lion XD by Destinyfall Mael my Lion XD :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 150 27 Garconer's revenge by Destinyfall Garconer's revenge :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 37 51 Dead Racoon by RivisIndigoEmporium
Mature content
Dead Racoon :iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 13 52
The king's portrait by Destinyfall The king's portrait :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 54 63 Cossette: Vampire Bride by RivisIndigoEmporium Cossette: Vampire Bride :iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 23 34 Cossette: Reception by RivisIndigoEmporium Cossette: Reception :iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 30 29
Mature content
MxC Chap. twenty-eight Pt. 2 :iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 3 28
Mature content
MxC Chap. twenty-eight Pt. 1 :iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 2 11
By the insanely talented team of :icondestinyfall: and :iconrivisindigoemporium: Click on "browse" . . . all of the chapters are HERE! ^_^


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What Is Your Bending-Element?
What Is Your Bending-Element?
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Wonder Woman was done! What next for Fan Art Friday? 

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