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Relative Illusion - Part Twelve
Ari grinned. “There! The bleeding is stopped and everything is back to normal.”
“As normal as my head can be, anyway.” Lee chuckled as he gave her a polite nod of his head, “Thank you, it’s nice not to have that dull headache all the time. Maybe I’ll sleep better tonight.”
Ari hugged him then slid off the bed. “Wow. I feel more tired than I did yesterday.”
“It’s the fact that the blood vessels you were working on were much smaller, and you had to focus to make sure you didn’t change anything else.” Yule picked her up. “I’ve got quite a few snacks waiting for you in your old room, all you’ll have to do is eat and then take a nap before your mother gets here.”
Ari nodded sleepily, “I’m glad Lee is here, I’m learning so MUCH!” She grinned down at her cousin from her grandfather’s arms.
“Glad I can be of some use.” Lee smiled amiably back up
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 5 9
Comm - Aerlona running :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 21 18 The Rescuers (1977) :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 13 30 #66 Traps :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 12 8 Comm - Roxy and Masami :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 13 7
Relative Illusion - Part Eleven
“Why ‘Lee’?”
“Mphg?” The young man looked up at Yule in confusion, his mouth full. Despite Lee’s protests about being able to live on protein/muscle powder shakes, he was putting a huge dent in the food they had in the penthouse with just one meal. Keeping up with the appetite of a teenage boy recovering from injury who was also a wizard was going to be challenging.
Yule sat down and stared at his grandson. “Why does your mother call you Lee and not Yule if your full name is Ulysses?”
Lee swallowed his mouthful and looked like he was trying to decide whether or not to give out that information. He finally sighed with resignation, “At some point, when I was a baby, I got called ‘Yulie’ by Aardrin. Mother shortened it to ‘Lee’ and it stuck.”
“Yulie? That’s horrible.” Yule shook his head. “And I thought Ari’s full name was unfair to a child.”
“What is her ful
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 5 4
Relative Illusion - Ulysses (Lee) Michelson :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 9 8 Relative Illusion - Zephyra and the Illusionist :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 12 6 The Biting Pear Joins the Fun :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 25 24 Superman 1978 - Christopher Reeve :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 12 17
Mature content
#65 Horror :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 9 15
#64 Multitasking :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 12 16 The Cat From Outer Space (1978) :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 10 15
Relative Illusion - Part Ten
Ulysses Michelson flipped through the channels on his hospital room TV, trying to find something interesting. He was bored out of his mind but there was nothing he could do about it. He had been diagnosed with a severe concussion and they weren’t releasing him unless he could prove he had a safe place to rest and recover where someone could keep an eye on him at all times. Apparently, hotel rooms and dressing rooms didn’t count, it had to be his permanent residence or at least someone’s home. Daniella refused to be the one to take him to her house, claiming (rightfully) that her house was too small and he’d end up sleeping on the couch, which the doctors were not going to allow. Plus, she was too busy to just sit around and make sure he didn’t start having complications and she wasn’t going to ask her partner to do that either.
His infection was finally dealt with, which had been the most urgent for the doctors. Something about fighting off sepsis, w
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 5 11
The Lady - Part Five
Jovian led Ioana to the library, “You and your tape. It’s going to take a while to get it all off.” He pushed one of the black marked buttons that was nearly invisible against the bookshelf. “You were very thorough, weren’t you?”
“I’ve had too many accidental discoveries I didn’t want to make on other assignments. Now I make sure that Auberon gives me a full schematic of all buttons, levers, and secret foot pads.” Ioana glared at him. “If you’d followed the contract and picked The Lady up when you were supposed to I would have had time to remove it all.” She watched as part of the bookshelf moved and opened into a room that was even bigger than the one she had been staying in.
The bedroom had a stained glass ceiling that looked like glowing green leaves and vines. The walls were covered with dark wood carvings like the library, but these were in the shapes of massive tree trunks with the branches framing the
:icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 6 8
Relative Illusion - Ari and Lee Confrontation :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 13 12

Random from My OC's

G and her H page 57 :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 11 44 King Raghnall Character Sheet :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 6 21
Mature content
Space Hotness for Emily XD :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 28 13
Black Moon Temple - gift
Aardrin had quite decided that he was not quite fond of jungles.
He had been in plenty of forests in his lifetime, and he had a great fondness for them. He'd walked beneath trees when the leaves were green and soft, singing with Spring's young song; he'd lain on a bed of gold and brown in the autumn and looked up at the vibrant colors whispering in the cool wind. He'd even done his share of traipsing through winter woods when the boughs were bare and the ground blanketed with snow.
None of the forests he'd ever seen, though, were like the jungle that he now walked through- and walk is really not an appropriate term. The trees and plants were so thick that he had to cut his way through with his sword, and even then hanging vines and brambles tore at his hair and clothes. The air was thick too- thick and hot. Not even the slightest breeze could break through the trees and vines to cool Aardrin's brow… and the chattering, rustling, and growling in the shadows beyond the small path he
:iconcaptain-savvy:Captain-Savvy 3 3
Gifts for friends :iconwinterelf86:winterelf86 10 13 Tiernan - Collab :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 10 18 Year 2011 Meme :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 4 13 G and her H page 56 :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 12 32 Y+R Stalking lesson - LS :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 7 19 Dragon Doodle Avatar :iconmirz333:mirz333 11 20 Dragon Doodle Prize Sign :iconmirz333:mirz333 16 3 Yokov Dell Character Sheet :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 10 26 The Wand and The Sword Stamp :iconmirz333:mirz333 7 5 G and her H page 55 :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 14 37 G and her H page 54 :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 13 35 First Bodice - Rysta and Rose :icongirl-n-herhorse:girl-n-herhorse 16 30
Art of my characters by others or by me from my other account (including my comic) :giggle:


Rooftop Battle :iconcaptain-savvy:Captain-Savvy 4 7 Cappadocia - 4 (Analog Photo From 2006) :iconskarzynscy:skarzynscy 15 1 That's good :iconnikemv:NikeMV 15 2 Elf Rogue :iconderletztesieger:DerletzteSieger 2 6
They say when you see someone in your dreams, it means a dreamwalker is thinking of you. That saying’s been the basis for a multitude of bestselling novels. Mostly cheesy romance and chick lit, but bestsellers nonetheless. I personally find it disgusting, how an invasion of one’s mind can be so romanticized.
I’m certain whoever coined that phrase never had a walker ride every train of thought in their head. It’s far from romantic, really. And the worst part is that you never know for sure when a dreamwalker’s messing with you. You just know they’ve been there, and they’ve done something. But you don’t know what that something is.
That’s probably what happened to me.
I keep scrambling to recall the events of last night, but I keep drawing up blanks. It’s like my memories have dissolved in an ocean and I’m lost in the middle of it. I try to retrace my steps. Put the pieces of the puzzle together. But after I get to a certa
:iconderletztesieger:DerletzteSieger 2 6
Asher :iconderletztesieger:DerletzteSieger 1 6 Glass :iconloish:loish 611 19 Commission: MizaRadioaktiv :iconserenaverdeart:SerenaVerdeArt 79 2 Commission: Warren :iconserenaverdeart:SerenaVerdeArt 33 0 Kintsukuroi :iconserenaverdeart:SerenaVerdeArt 82 3 Holey Holy Cow :iconjijikit:jijikit 5 4 Darkly remote... :iconthewolfcreek:thewolfcreek 45 7 Instaart - Redcap :iconcandra:Candra 52 2 Jupiter - Chapter10 PG31 :iconzimeta:Zimeta 18 1 Elven Daydreams :icondaniellemwilliams:DanielleMWilliams 56 14 Untitled :iconalyssatallent:AlyssaTallent 11 1

Random from Mael-Cossette

Out of the Closet :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 8 20
Mael+Cossette Chapter Seven
Chapter seven (Mael)
So it would seem that I won round one, though I was met with a challenge every step of the way since I started this journey, at least now something had been achieved. The Duchess was an utter delight to spar with but I wouldn’t lose. No, she wasn’t at all aware of how stubborn I could be.
Ailo had reminded me several times on the tour of the castle, thanks to the little golden darling, Lillith, what the real reason I was here for was. I hadn’t forgotten, shame on him to think so but I was, honestly, more interested in the Duchess than the task at hand. Who wouldn’t be?  Ailo for one, I supposed… he never did fancy women much…
At any rate, all would get accomplished in due time. I would find the Rogue and snuff his life out like a flickering candle and then proceed to light the Duchess up. Oh how her cheeks burned when she was angry, I couldn’t imagine what she might be like if she actually fancied a person…
:icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 11 13
Irresistable - Colored :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 11 10 Mael by the Ear :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 6 24 'Mature Wood' Colored :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 20 36 Mael x Cossette Stamp :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 4 29 Cossette X Mael stamp :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 4 10 The gift of Cossette WIP :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 31 40 My little stud pony XD :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 76 106 A Coat of Crimson Velvet... :iconrivisindigoemporium:RivisIndigoEmporium 10 27 MxC - Together :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 4 20 MxC - Cossette's View :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 5 6 MxC - Mael's View :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 4 16 Gift of Cossette :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 83 61
By the insanely talented team of :icondestinyfall: and :iconrivisindigoemporium: Click on "browse" . . . all of the chapters are HERE! ^_^


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13 questions Meme

Mon Apr 24, 2017, 8:54 PM
I have been tagged by :iconpaytonsnewheart:. :aww:

So I will have to list 13 facts. Let's go.

13 facts about me:

1.    I am turning 46 on April 28th (that's this Friday :paranoid:).

2.   I have two children, one is a teenager and one is there in everything but age (he's got the attitude down)

3. I love driving, as long as it's not city driving. :bleh:That causes me major stress.

4. I love gardening and would love to have a garden of my own.

5. I collect pretty rocks.

6. I recently dyed my hair blue. (Might even take a picture at some point soon.)

7. I am so glad I am no longer in school in any way :XD:

8. I have only one sibling, a younger brother who is rudely taller than me (I'm 5'5" he's 6'!")

9. I spend too much time on Twitter doing Hashtag prompts. ^^;

10. I would love to be a published author and be able to write for a living :nod:

11. The only other country I've been to (other than the US) is Canada.

12. I collect FunkoPop Figures, specifically any kickass females I can find :XD:

13. The one person I wish I could have met in person is Jim Henson. :sniff:

My 13 Questions I Need to Answer

1)What was your favorite vacation? When I was ten and my parents and grandparents took a month long driving trip across the US.

2)What do you think of heart transplants? Scary, necessary, life-saving.

3)Did you have surgeries? Tonsils and Adenoids out when I was five, ovarian cyst removed when I was 26, Lasik surgery on my eyes when I was 29, cancer removed from left breast last year.

4)What type of music do you listen to? Anything that I can sing/dance to :XD:

5)What cheers you up? Going on walks, doing yardwork outside.

6)What is your favorite book to read? Too many to pick from, but if I was forced I'd say The Hobbit.

7)Who is your hero? Jim Henson.

8)Do you have a job? Yes.

9)What are you embarrassed about? The fact that I'm nearly 46 and haven't made something of myself.

10)How old are you? I'll be 46 on Friday.

11)Where do you live? California

12)What is your favorite color? Green

13)What is your favorite animal?Horse

My questions for you!
1) Why are you on dA?
2) What is your dream profession?
3) Favorite Muppet?
4) Do you have any tattoos?
5) Favorite thing from the year you were born?
6) Is there anything that you like that is from an era before you were born?
7) Favorite Animated movie?
8) Where would you love to go if money was no object?
9) Roadtrip! Where would you drive?
10) Have you ever been on an overnight train trip?
11) Favorite season?
12) Favorite flower?
13) Favorite thing to drink?

I'm not going to Tag anyone, do it if you feel like it :nod: :aww:

  • Listening to: Five Feet High and Rising - Johnny Cash
  • Drinking: Grapefruit Seltzer


Emily Gaskill
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I love the friends I've found here on DA . . . wouldn't trade them for the world :aww:
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What Is Your Bending-Element?
What Is Your Bending-Element?
Hosted By Anime

Yay! Finally did The Rescuers! What should I do next for Fan Art Friday? 

5 deviants said Wonder Woman (TV 1975-79)
4 deviants said Puff the Magic Dragon (1978)
4 deviants said Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour (TV 70's)
2 deviants said The Black Hole (1979)
2 deviants said Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (TV 70's)
1 deviant said The Black Stallion (1979)
1 deviant said Raggedy Ann & Andy Musical Adventure (1977)
No deviants said Wonderbug (TV 1976-78)
No deviants said Benji (1974)
No deviants said Bionic Woman (TV 1976-78)



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