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Twelfth part Posted! That's a wrap folks!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 27, 2016, 7:22 PM

And that's the end for now, folks. :aww: Pretty sure I'll be revisiting these characters again. Probably next year though, I've got other things I've got to attend to now :XD:

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I'm going to put all my NaNoWriMo stuff here ^_^


Yokov Portrait by dragondoodleAgent/Healer Uniforms by dragondoodleNaNoWriMo2016 Cover by dragondoodleVergard Yokovson by dragondoodleYokov and Rori Collab by girl-n-herhorseYokov and Rori by Captain-Savvy


NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 12 - ENDYokov stood as still as he could, which wasn’t enough for the tailor. “Agent Dell, stop fidgeting or I will never get this tunic right.”
“Sorry.” He took a deep breath and tried to keep as still as he did when he was tracking. Although, usually he’d be crouching down and not standing straight up. Also, he wouldn’t be paranoid about getting poked with pins. “Where is Lady Healer Rori?”
“She is with my assistant, I was told not to let the two of you see each other’s outfits. The Queen wants you both to be surprised on your wedding day.”
Yokov was not amused, “Of course she does.” {The scheming little sorceress is probably laughing her pregnant ass off at me in this getup.}
“What was that Agent Dell? Arms to the side, please.”
“Nothing.” He sighed and obeyed the tailor’s command. “Does this have to be so tight? I will barely be able to bend.”
“It is the heigh
  NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 11They were nearly out of supplies by the time they finally caught up with the centaur herd. Yokov had managed to kill rabbits for their last two dinners, but cold rabbit meat was getting tiresome. There was nothing so welcome as seeing the herd walking south in the direction of Doumerlas. They would have galloped if their horses could have managed it, but even Grey and Sparrow were tired and not getting enough food.
A centaur that Yokov vaguely recognized as one of Agny’s messengers ran up to them as they started to follow and catch up to the herd, {Agent Dell! You have returned!} The centaur’s smile was friendly and genuine and Yokov was glad to see it.
{Aye. Could you take us to Herd Leader Agny?} Yokov returned the smile, feeling suddenly more at home with the centaurs than he had with the High King’s people.
The centaur nodded, {Follow me. She is at the head of the line so it will take some time.} The centaur led the way, guiding them along the outer edge of the lo
  NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 10Yokov fought his way free of memories of pain and despair. He remembered hearing Rori scream his name; he could hear the fear and anguish in her voice and it hurt him more than any of the injuries he was suffering. He didn’t want her to be there to witness his demise and hearing her brought back long buried memories. He heard her again as they had shoved him down on the executioner’s block, also her screaming that she loved him. He wished, at the time, that he could have answered her; but he was incapable and his heart ached that he couldn’t respond for what he feared was the last time. He needed to say it even though he’d said it many times before. Then there blinding flash and a sound like stone cracking that made his ears hurt, followed by the smell of ozone. Had lightning stuck? The light and sound were the last things he remembered until he heard Rori speaking to him, begging him to wake up. Someone was holding him and there was a cloth of some sort rubbing  NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 9Rori sat on her horse and fought off another yawn. She suspected that Sparrow had dozed off at some point, the mare’s head was drooping and she seemed oblivious to everything going on around her. Listening to the battle planning had been interesting up to a point, but now it was getting argumentative and repetitive and Rori was getting bored with the whole thing. She wondered when they were going to return to the herd like Yokov had promised. She wasn’t going to wander off though. Twice being away from Yokov and unpleasant things had happened, she was not going to get caught in any nonsense a third time.
“Lady Healer, are you still awake?” She turned to see the Captain looking at her curiously.
She immediately scowled at the man. She had heard what he had said about Yokov and she was still not happy with him, “Yes.”
“I just thought you might want to go elsewhere while all this is going on.”
“No.” She snarled at the Captain,
  NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 8The location that Otelie led them to was not far, but it was a bit away from the general bustle of the herd. The cart in question looked like a mobile tent and it was big enough for Yokov, Rori, and their supplies. Yokov unpacked Sparrow and tied her to the cart, giving her enough rope so that she could eat the grass and grain that was brought for her. He then put down the bedroll in the cart and surrounded it with their supplies, making a nice comfortable nest for the two of them when the time came. Lilit arrived with the food, which Rori inhaled in short order; then she climbed into the cart and immediately fell asleep. Yokov was tempted to join her, but he made up his mind to be on guard while she slept. He was not alone, however. Lilit stood on the other side of the cart on guard as well, holding a sword she obviously knew how to use. He appreciated the company since he wanted as many friendly faces around as he could get. Lilit he trusted; and Otelie, Agny, and Thyge. All the rest  NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 7Yokov kept a look out all day for any sign of the centaur herd and was starting to get a concerned that he hadn’t even seen a scout of some sort. This wasn’t the kind of terrain that something as large as a centaur would hide in. Then again, he hadn’t seen any trace of those huge wildcats before either, and they were around. He was also checking for tracks or any sign that anything larger than a rabbit had passed through the area they were now traversing. The only tracks he had seen were the ones that led them to a hidden water source, and those were of many different creatures, including the wildcats from all he could determine. He was grateful that the beasts were obviously nocturnal and that Vergard was going to be making sure that they were safe at night. He did not want to run into one of those beasts again. He and Rori had eaten near the spring but neither of them felt comfortable doing anything but sitting close together, the ground was far too rough and rocky  NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 6It took a while to locate the kitchen and even longer to get what Yokov would consider enough food for a healer who had used her powers. He walked slowly, laden with a huge tray of food, anticipating a quiet and loving night with his beautiful Rori. His thoughts stopped abruptly when he got to their room and found the door open. He was immediately alert, Rori would not have left the door open. He had been planning on knocking if his hands were too full. He set the tray down in the hall and put his hand to his knife, peeking into the room carefully.
There was no answer and no sounds from the room. He pulled out his knife and entered, studying the room carefully. The top cover of the bed had been pulled off, as if someone had been forcibly removed from it. Rori’s knife was on the floor and there was a trace of blood on it. Yokov growled, feeling an unfamiliar anger building in his stomach. He’d find who had Rori and he’d make them pay for taking her.
   NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 5The road they were following became wider and smoother and Yokov was feeling much better about the journey. While Rori had been busy with finishing the packing, he had cut the talons carefully off the massive paw. He felt it necessary to have some proof of such an unbelievable beast. Maybe he’d get them made into something for himself or Rori. He looked over at the healer. She seemed calmer and content to be riding and looking at the scenery. He looked down the road thoughtfully. He realized, after a great deal of pondering, that what was confusing him about Rori was the fact that she genuinely seemed to need him, and not just for the fun they had in bed. Yokov had never in his life felt needed like that. The fact that someone would get so upset about the simple idea that he could have been killed was surprising and new. He had to admit that he liked the feeling. Especially since he felt the very same way about her. He let the new concepts roll around in his thoughts, trying to g   Yokov's LullabyThe sunset sings to us but we cannot answer.
The daggers of stone keep us away.
We hear the pounding of the hooves,
And wish that they would stay.
The waters will one day return.
The stones will dull and fall.
We will hear the sunset sing again,
And be able to answer the call.
    NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 4Yokov frowned at the map and then glared at the “road” heading the direction they needed to go. It looked more like a deer trail than a road, narrow and steep. He muttered angrily in his native tongue, {I am going to force that idiot mapmaker to come with me next time so I can break one of his fingers every time one of his maps is not telling me the right information.}
Rori came up behind him, trying not to giggle at his outburst, handing him the canteen she had been drinking from, “What’s the problem, Yokov?”
The tracker let out a frustrated sound. “This so called ‘road’ we are to follow; I am worried that it will wear the horses out too much. I was not expecting something this steep this late in the day. It will slow us down, and now that I am looking at this and where I had wanted to end up camping, I do not know if our sleeping spot will not also be on a hill. I do not want to fall asleep on the top of an incline and awake at the bott
    NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 3Yokov insisted on teaching Rori how to take all the tack off her horse before they left the stable, despite the fact that she seemed to be moving just a little oddly. He wasn’t going to let her go without learning how to care for what was now her horse, and Rori didn’t complain in the least, even when Yokov made her groom the animal. He did the same so that she could see how it was done properly and was impressed at how attentive she was to what he was doing.
Rori was surprised at how sore she was from the short ride; it wasn’t going to be as easy as she thought initially. But, she was determined not to complain, even when Yokov made her learn how to get all the tack off Sparrow. She’d come up with the name while they were riding, the mare’s coloration reminded her of the black capped sparrows that used to come to the window of her cell (when she had a window) in Sun Eye. She watched Yokov bending over to groom his horse and smiled at the sight, copying wh
  NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 2The next morning, Yokov strode toward the military barracks on the opposite side of the castle from where his house was located. He had hoped he would never step foot anywhere near the place again, but he had a purpose this time that didn’t depend on having been summoned. In his hand, he held a lantern with the royal military seal on it, left on his front porch by “Lieutenant” Dirvan. He walked confidently up to the Captain’s office and knocked on the door firmly, ignoring the glares from the two soldiers on each side.
He had made a concerted effort to look put together, even wearing his badge. Yokov had decided that he should come up with his own “uniform”, just to be consistent when he was being official. He determined that the dark blue-grey wool cloak he had received from the Mayor of Fellfar would be a good start since it was very high quality, probably the nicest thing he owned that hadn’t been destroyed by his last journey. Somehow he
  NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 1It was the next morning and Yokov was nursing a horrid hangover. Vergard had been sent off properly and left on foot, alone. Yokov had seen him off, despite his dreadfully pounding head. There were just some things you did for a friend. Yokov now headed back to his house, staggering only slightly.
How much had he had to drink last night anyway? He had lost track after attempting to match Reidalv. That had been a mistake. Although he was pretty sure the male centaur was at least feeling the buzz finally. He wondered idly if centaurs got hangovers. Vergard had given Yokov a small scrap of fabric just as he left down the road. It was that little tapestry they had gotten at Fellfar. Vergard had said, quietly, that if Yokov really wanted to see him again, he should find the place on the tapestry. Okay. So be it. That was exactly what he was going to do. He looked at the tapestry and found himself unable to focus on it through the pain that was threatening to make what little he had eaten la

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