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NaNoWriMo Progress plus Art!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 3, 2014, 3:20 PM

Well . . . new chapter from me and awesome art (commission) from :iconcaptain-savvy:!!! Bonus post!
Centaurs by Captain-Savvy Centaur: Hoofing It Part 7Peggy woke up to the sound of Jori calling her name urgently. She forgot that Agid was close to her and nearly fell on her knees when she tripped over one of his legs.
“Mmmmph? What’s up?” Agid looked at her curiously.
Jori’s voice came shrill and urgent. “Peggy! Quick! I need your help!”
Still half asleep, Peggy lurched toward the healer’s voice. She couldn’t locate her, all she saw was one of the large mares laying on the ground, her sides heaving. Peggy was suddenly awake when she realized what was going on. “Oh.”
“Get your horse ass over here woman! I need another set of hands. Yours are thinner than this ham handed male’s . . .” Jori indicated a chestnut centaur next to her, “and you should be able to get deeper in since you’re not suffering from a huge belly.” She pointed to her own very pregnant form.
“Yes, okay, what do I do?” Peggy knelt down next to Jori.
Jori talked Pe

Centaur: Hoofing It Part 6Peggy woke up with a strange warmth next to her. She opened her eyes and squinted at the sun peeking through the window. Had she slept until morning from yesterday after zenith? She cleared her throat experimentally. It didn’t hurt quite as much as yesterday. She tested it. “Hello?” Her voice sounded strangely gravelly to herself but at least she had a voice now.
There was a mumble next to her, “G’d mornin’”
She started and looked at where the voice came from. Snuggled up next to her was Agrid. “What . . . what are you doing here?”
“Well, I was sleeping until a few seconds ago.” He yawned and looked at her. “I figured the easiest way to protect you was to sleep here. You’re very warm.” He smiled at her.
She narrowed her eyes at him. “Thanks, I guess.” She rubbed her eyes and yawned. “I’m too tired to protest, as long as you didn’t take any liberties.”

Centaur: Hoofing It Part 5He led her around a slight bend and down around a rocky area. They were definitely going downward from the holding. The sound of loud running water made Peggy grin in anticipation, it was a waterfall by the sound of it.  They went around another rocky bend in the path and Peggy was dumbstruck by what met her eyes. Agid motioned toward the bathing area, “This is it, what do you think?”
Peggy simply stared for a long moment. The pool seemed to be steaming, there was a definite warmth coming from the water, and there was not one but several waterfalls going down a high rocky cliff. The waterfalls also seemed to be steaming but she couldn’t tell if it was spray or warmth. She approached the edge of the pool and stuck one leg cautiously in. “It’s . . . warm!”
“Of course! Who would want to bathe in cold water?” Agid chuckled at her surprise.
“How is it warm? Rivers and lakes are generally very cold.”
“Ah . . . well, the w

Centaur: Hoofing It Part 4“Did you at least STAB him Felix?!” Farida was in his face snarling and it was a terrifying sight. Felix had just managed to get Ivette to relax in the bed after the healer had checked on her and the baby. Both of them were fine but Felix wanted his wife to rest for a bit before she had to deal with anyone else. Unfortunately, Farida wanted to deal with Felix after having to deal with the aftermath of the attack on their father and she wasn’t very patient about it.
“By Gallraen’s Bow, Farida! Give me a bit of time to collect myself will you?”
“No. You didn’t do anything, did you? There wasn’t a drop of blood on you or your weapon.” She glared at him. “I told you to deal with that bastard!”
Felix snarled back at her, “I was more concerned about getting my pregnant WIFE out of there safely, Farida! I couldn’t have done that if I’d managed to attack the centaurs and get myself killed!” Peggy ha

EEEEE!  My friend :iconcaptain-savvy: did a picture of Peggy dressed up! :love: Go tell her how awesome she is!
Fancy Peggy by Captain-Savvy

Centaur: Hoofing It Part 3The king was standing with one other person right next to the fountain of Kaerion. The goddess of Wisdom looked down at them while holding the urn for the Waters of Knowledge in one hand and her Orb of Seeing in the other. Peggy was struck by how odd the scene was as she galloped up with Felix, though she realized the sight of herself and Felix coming up was odd to the King and his man if their expressions were anything indication.
Felix jumped off Peggy’s back and bowed deeply, “Your Majesty. I present to you Peggy Leatherworker, my father’s newest craftsperson.”
Peggy did her typical curtsey for the king as deep as she could manage, trying not to stare at His Majesty. She’d never seen the king before. He looked smaller than she imagined he would be, like a normal person but with fancier clothes. He wasn’t even wearing a crown at the moment. His beard was brown with two streaks of grey on each side of his mouth and there two complimentary streaks of

. Centaur: Hoofing It Part 2Two days later Peggy got a visitor that she hadn’t expected as Lord Dravin himself came to her work place. She looked up briefly, unfortunately she was in the middle of something really detailed that she couldn’t stop due to the fact that the leather had to stay damp while she worked. “I’m sorry if I’m distracted, is there anything I can help you with Lord Dravin?”
The Lord grunted as he looked around her workplace, “I was just seeing how things were going. You’ve been delivering all you’ve promised but I had yet to see the saddle and I’ve been curious about your progress.”
She kept her eyes on her work, more concerned about making it perfect than paying attention to her manor lord. “I’m working on the detailing of the cantle right now, the rest of it is over on the stand.” She waved vaguely over in the direction of the saddle. “It’s still not completely pieced together but I have most of th

Centaur: Hoofing It Part 1Peggy hummed to herself softly as she worked on the belt in front of her. Her workshop was nearly exactly the way she wanted; all her tools in the right places, the bench the right height and size, all of her work tanning and drying in their proper places. The smell of tanning hides and cured leather surrounded her and it was familiar and comforting. Her mind wandered slightly as she continued to carve out the decoration on the belt for Lord Dravin. She had been at the manor of Felix’s father now for a couple of months working and settling in while Felix dealt with the inevitable wedding with Princess Ivette. She now had her workshop and a nice little living space for herself near the Dravin family stables. His Lordship kept her busy working on orders for leatherwork to pay for her keep and the expenses from her disastrous visit to Rock Bay City. She in turn kept track of every order and how much it was worth, and also made sure that his Lordship didn’t know exactly how fas

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