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Random from My OC's

Art of my characters by others or by me from my other account (including my comic) :giggle:

Random from Mael-Cossette

By the insanely talented team of :icondestinyfall: and :iconrivisindigoemporium: Click on "browse" . . . all of the chapters are HERE! ^_^




Stamps that I made

Trades, gifts, and just because . . . I occasionally will do requests as well ;P

Runner up Literature 3 worlds by dragondoodleWinner Literature 3 worlds by dragondoodle3rd place Visual 3 worlds a by dragondoodle3rd place Visual 3 worlds b by dragondoodle2nd place Visual 3 worlds by dragondoodleWinner Visual Art 3 worlds by dragondoodleThreshthesky winner stamp by dragondoodleThreshthesky runner up stamp by dragondoodlePrize - Literature Runner-up by dragondoodlePrize - Literature Winner by dragondoodlePrize - Digital Runner-up by dragondoodlePrize - Digital Winner by dragondoodlePrize - Pixel Runner-up by dragondoodlePrize - Pixel Winner by dragondoodlePrize - Best of Show by dragondoodleComm - Relativity Stamp by dragondoodleComm - Sara Stamp by dragondoodleComm - Ravenswood Stamp by dragondoodleComm  - Melody Stamp by dragondoodleComm - Michael Stamp by dragondoodleComm - Nose Kisses by dragondoodleMael x Cossette Stamp by dragondoodleCossette X Mael stamp by dragondoodleI love Aidan stamp by dragondoodleI love Garconer stamp A by dragondoodleI love Garconer stamp B by dragondoodleCallisto x Talon Stamp A by dragondoodleCallisto x Talon Stamp B by dragondoodleCallisto x Talon Stamp C by dragondoodleDante x Michael Stamp by dragondoodleDante Fan Stamp by dragondoodleAzriel Fan Stamp by dragondoodleCan't scare me - stamp by dragondoodleCrazy Sexy Stamp by dragondoodleCrazy Sexy 2 Stamp by dragondoodleCrazy Sexy 3 Stamp by dragondoodleObvious Stamp by dragondoodleMaelxHIRoscoe Stamp by dragondoodleRystaxAidan stamp by dragondoodleAidan x Rysta Stamp by dragondoodleChristian and Sybil by dragondoodleSavvy and Niek Stamp by dragondoodleNiek and Savvy Stamp by dragondoodleI love Samuel Stamp by dragondoodleSamuel x Ira Stamp by dragondoodleValden x Sarah Stamp by dragondoodleMarty x Silas Stamp by dragondoodleDPH Stamp A by dragondoodleDPH Stamp B by dragondoodleBead It Stamp A by dragondoodleBead It Stamp B by dragondoodleBead It Stamp C by dragondoodleDaath x Lillith Stamp by dragondoodleI love Baby Mael Stamp by dragondoodleGabe and Rose Stamp A by dragondoodleGabe and Rose Stamp B by dragondoodleB-day Stamp 1silvertygress by dragondoodleB-day Stamp 2silvertygress by dragondoodleB-day Stamp 3silvertygress by dragondoodleB-day Stamp 4silvertygress by dragondoodleB-day Stamp 5silvertygress by dragondoodleRyu x Faust Stamp A by dragondoodleRyu x Faust Stamp B by dragondoodleGolden Boy Talon Stamp by dragondoodleMichael the Spoon Stamp by dragondoodleGolden Boy Aidan Stamp by dragondoodleSilvano x Kaito Stamp by dragondoodleDirty Girls Stamp by dragondoodleBoobs of Power Stamp by dragondoodleShiro Stamp by dragondoodleImaginary Stamp by dragondoodleLucy Tribute Stamp by dragondoodleLady's Man Gio Stamp by dragondoodleBetrothed Pirates by dragondoodleSupport Mireie Stamp by dragondoodleBoobs of Power 2 Stamp by dragondoodleBoobs of Power 3 Stamp by dragondoodleBad Ass Stamp by dragondoodlePink Support 1 by dragondoodlePink Support 2 by dragondoodleI love Callisto Stamp by dragondoodleNot Listening by dragondoodleBack off Stamp by dragondoodleLady's Man Gio 2 Stamp by dragondoodleSiblings 1 by dragondoodleSiblings 2 by dragondoodleComicmaniac1 stamp by dragondoodleToni x charlez stamp by dragondoodleVampire Mentalist by dragondoodleStamp Prize 1 for paper-boats by dragondoodleStamp Prize 2 for paper-boats by dragondoodleStamp Prize 1 for chasva by dragondoodleStamp Prize 2 for chasva by dragondoodleStamp Prize for yozorablacksta by dragondoodleStamp Prize 3 for paper-boats by dragondoodleI Stitch by dragondoodleI love Cross-stitch stamp by dragondoodlePlaying with Floss Stamp by dragondoodleFirst Prize stamp UM ballpoint by dragondoodle2nd Prize stamp UM ballpoint by dragondoodleStamp for Hyneige by dragondoodleStamp for SeanAvery by dragondoodleStamp for Jijikit by dragondoodleStamp 1 for anjougoth by dragondoodleStamp 2 for anjougoth by dragondoodleStamp 2 for Hyneige by dragondoodleStamp req. - Merides by dragondoodleStamp req. - Dragonpress by dragondoodleStamp req. - StFighterAqua by dragondoodleStamp req. - theman268 by dragondoodleStamp req. - talespinnergypsy by dragondoodleStamp req. - schoutroldxD by dragondoodleStamp req. - CaptSavvy by dragondoodleStamp req. - Das-Omen by dragondoodleStamp req. - Jijikit by dragondoodleStamp req. - Emorly16 by dragondoodleStamp req. - Silvertygress by dragondoodleStamp req. - Destinyfall by dragondoodleBunny slippers for Jiji by dragondoodleLe Papillon for Hyneige by dragondoodleLes Fleurs for Hyneige by dragondoodleSecond Place Liquid Contest by dragondoodleFirst Place Liquid Contest by dragondoodleOpus Contest 1st place stamp by dragondoodleOpus Contest 2nd place stamp by dragondoodleOpus Contest 3rd place stamp by dragondoodleComm - Wedded stamp by dragondoodleComm - Dragons Don't by dragondoodleComm - Skull Zoom by dragondoodleComm - Dodging Barrels by dragondoodleComm - Sybil Respect by dragondoodle


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I like to give cakes to people . . . and donate points to worthy causes and to :icondawishingwell: but I don't have the money to buy points any longer so if any of you would like to help I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

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My Deviant Art Story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 2:17 PM
Profile | Gallery | Inbox

Edit: I did one of these for my other account too: My Deviant Art StoryI did this over at my other account :icondragondoodle: so I thought I'd do it over here too.
If you're interested in the full story go here:
This account was started so that I could have a place for my artwork related to my story. I initially didn't want it on my main account because I was incredibly insecure about what I was doing and felt like I just needed a safe place to put everything in case my computer died (which actually happened so it was a good idea). I never thought I'd share my story, nor did I think I'd gain many watchers beyond the few people I'd felt comfortable enough to share my story with.
I started this account in 2008 and my first picture was this one:
Just a nice picture of Raghnall and Eriantielle, the past rulers of my story.
 In the beginning I mostly just did pictures from the bits that I was writing and shared a few snippets of the script in prose:

I took to DA rather slowly. I wasn't a digital artist at all but a friend of mine got me involved with a Horror/Sci-Fi e-magazine in 2003 and I found myself doing illustrations for the stories. It was fun and I enjoyed having my art on the web for the first time.
Alas, the e-zine disappeared and I decided I wanted to have my pictures online somewhere else. Someone (I can't even remember who now) suggested I go onto DA.

My first picture posted was this one: Survival by dragondoodle
I look at it now and the sheer inexperience with using a computer is obvious. I think I used a mouse to draw with and used filters on a picture of myself. Really weird to look at now.

After posting all the stuff I felt I could from the e-zine I sort of forgot about DA for a while (I gave birth to my son so I think that can be excused). I posted some jewelry and gifts but I only had 4 followers and was fairly quiet.

In 2006 I became brave enough to enter my first DA contest. I didn't win but I was rather proud of the entry at the time: Iso, King of the Mountain by dragondoodle

In 2007 an online friend :icondragonpress: needed some filler strips for her bards comic. I volunteered because I was feeling like I needed to do more artistic stuff. I did a ten strip stretch based on a song by the people in the strip, again, I was rather proud of it at the time: Happily Ever After 1 by dragondoodle

In 2008 I found :iconsaintfighteraqua: and discovered someone who loved the original Oz books as much as I did. This was amazing to me that I could find like minded people in a place like dA. I made art and started having discussions in the comments of artwork for the first time. It was a breakthrough for me! Ozma by dragondoodle

I started working on my own story and made a new dA for it so that I could have only a select few watch my story (since I was nervous about sharing it at first) so in 2008 :icongirl-n-herhorse: became a reality. My first picture there was this one  The King and Queen by girl-n-herhorse

Things were still pretty quiet until 2009. I was lurking around on dA and discovered :icondestinyfall:'s stories. This was a HUGE step for me. Suddenly I was fangirling over stuff. I found others through her gifts and commissions and discovered I could become friends online! People approached me in notes when I went to their pages and some of those people I'm still friends with :aww: I made fanart for my new friends,
 :icondestinyfall:Super Loken by dragondoodle,
:iconwinterelf86:Gabriel - after a fight by dragondoodle, and
 :iconrivisindigoemporium: Lucette and Cloud by dragondoodle
I even gently encouraged two of them to collab on a story that I made illustrations for :giggle: Mael by the Ear by dragondoodle
My grasp of digital art was starting to improve slowly in 2010 and making gift art was really helping encourage my muse. :aww: I did art requests and more gifts and generally had a great time getting to know people. I started RPing with people I'd met on dA and became even closer friends with a few, making art of the RP's I was involved with and even did art trades.
:icondestinyfall: Carried Away by dragondoodle
 :iconwinterelf86:Shower Time by dragondoodle
:iconalex-weiss:Roaring 20's by dragondoodle
:iconcaptain-savvy:Sybil and Denton by dragondoodle
Encouraged by the fact that people were actually liking and reacting to my art I was determined to make my story into a comic, so I posted the first cover near the end of 2009 First Comic Cover - Beginnings by girl-n-herhorse and the first page in the beginning of 2010 G and her H Page 1 by girl-n-herhorse

I'm now up to page 76! G and her H Page 76 by girl-n-herhorse

So dA did a lot for me. It got me doing more art, encouraged me to connect with people online, and it took me places I never thought I'd go, like Boston Anime! :giggle: All in all I've made amazing friends and met fantastic people on dA and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world!

I still do fanart for friends, old and new like
 :iconmirz-alt: Gift Rasterman meets team Torrent by dragondoodle
  :iconzakuro-kona: Ryuko and Rysta by dragondoodle
:iconbloodyawfulkate:Birthday pressie for Freesia by girl-n-herhorse
:iconromanjones: Leelu by dragondoodle
and I still need to do something for :iconneptunes-sparks: who has been and amazing supporter and I've completely dropped the ball on that one ^^; Let me know what you would like and I'll get it to you ASAP, kiddo!

I have so many more watchers now that I can't even mention you all but know that you are all appreciated more than you can ever know! And Thank you to dA for being a place I could find a new way to express myself! :aww: You've taught this old dog new tricks for sure :giggle:

  • Mood: dA Love


Emily Gaskill
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I love the friends I've found here on DA . . . wouldn't trade them for the world :aww:


Should I color/finish this monstrosity? 

10 deviants said YES!!!! :rofl:
5 deviants said No. Seriously? Sonic art? :iconfacepalmplz:
3 deviants said Yes because I don't have any idea what is going on there. :confused:
2 deviants said Nah . . . the sketch gets the idea across. :XD:

To do list

Clipboard - To Do by mirzjiles
Art Nouveau God pictures:

Commissions - :iconcommissionsclosed:

To Do for :icongirl-n-herhorse: :
Comic Page #77 - TBA
Art Nouveau gods -
The Wand and The Sword Stamp by mirz-altDragon Doodle Prize Sign by mirz-altI Support Destinyfall sign by mirz-altMael Angel Emote by mirz-altI Support Mael sign by mirz-altMirz123 Support Stamp by stuck-in-suburbia
Progress Bar Stamps by SimplySilent


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